Yewwwwwww! And just like that, my last day at IQMS, the company that has been exchanging money for my time and effort over the last two years since college, is in the bag. One and done. Over and out. End of this road. You get the idea – I’ve been waiting for this day for years.

Although rarely a week went by without fervently wishing to be free from it, I’m glad I did spend a good amount of time on the good ol’ fashioned grind, as it taught me more than I could have imagined about managing many different kinds of people and thriving under many different types of stress. Most importantly, however, was the heightened awareness of the facets of my life that I really care about.

After such a grueling year, during which I rarely had a chance to sink my teeth into what I consider to be the more important aspects of my life, now that I can, and will, be dedicating myself 100% to these, I feel like I have a much deeper appreciation of the opportunity to do so out of my own free will. I am embarking on this new journey with an unshakable trust in myself, fortified by these experiences, that lets me proceed knowing I will very rarely take the power of choice for granted again.

The 100+ flights that resulted in 100,000+ miles traveled in 2016 (more accurate number coming soon); the hundreds of “grown up” people I had to train, babysit, manage, convince, entertain, inspire, take valuable lessons or verbal/mental abuse from and/or manipulate for their own good – sometimes all in one trip; the hundreds of hours spent after-hours battling the ever-present specter of never-ending busy-work that always loomed over my consciousness; the numerous self-degrading, self-deprecating, and downright unhealthy habits and thought processes that unconsciously manifested themselves in my daily life; the slow, painful, and on-going process of eradicating those negative neural pathways through discipline and willpower….

All of it, I’m very happy to say with confidence, has resulted in a more resilient me that looks for the tough times ahead, knows that the most challenging and potentially meaningful ones cannot be seen yet, and says, while attempting to hold back a stupid grin, “Bring it the fuck on.”

Sincerely yours,



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