Second Leg: Mammoth to Santa Barbara

After a weekend of nonstop cracking cold ones with the boys, I drove to my hometown of beautiful Santa Barbara. One of the main reasons I was hesitant to move to Colorado was because I grew up next to the ocean, and the farthest I’ve ever lived from it was during my time at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo – a whole five miles away! From the last time I saw the ocean, back in January, until I got to Santa Barbara in May may have been the longest I’d ever been away from the ocean. No regrets about moving away, but it sure was nice to see it and be in it again.

I went on hikes almost every day I was back, including Inspiration Point with Marcus (above), Seven Falls a handful of times, usually solo, and Tangerine Falls with my brother Clancy (below). Rock-hopping is one of my favorite physical activities, so when we found that the creek below Tangerine Falls still had plenty of water, I was beyond stoked!


While rock-hopping is great on its own, having a reward like a cold creek-shower and a view like the one at the top of the falls makes it even more fun. We decided to scramble up to the top of the falls (100+ feet), to get the view, but the sketchy/reward ratio for that climb is way too high to do it every time.

I loved living in the Rocky Mountains this winter – especially once I quit my job and could go on day-trips to Copper or Winter Park on any given day – and am loving it almost as much during the summer. However, there will always be a special place in my heart for the paradise that is Santa Barbara.

Besides enjoying the outdoors and cracking more cold ones with the boys, I went up to San Luis Obispo with my parents to pick up my Mom’s brand new (to her) Mercedes Sprinter. She’s been dreaming about this for years and years and finally made it happen! It was so great to see her fulfill a decades-long dream of hers.


While up in SLO, we stopped by my brother’s jazz concert. He is a killer keyboard player and overall spectacular musician.


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