Seeing as I love music to the extent that I do, it only made sense for me to write about it. Being a music journalist at has been a perfect avenue for me to explore my passion for music, while helping others do the same.

Aside from writing about new music and the current trends in the industry, I take great pleasure in helping talented up-and-coming artists get the exposure they deserve. Thus, I started writing a regular feature called 5 Under 5k, which is dedicated to doing just that. Every two weeks (usually), I feature five artists with under 5,000 followers on SoundCloud in hopes that I will connect them with their future fan-base.

On the storytelling side of things, I am currently in the process writing an original philosophical science fiction series of novels that goes along with the music of Seigyn. I say “goes along with” because it’s not based on the music, or vice-versa. Rather, the music, writing, and visual art are all equally-important mediums that help create this particular fictional universe and will all be complementary to each other in the telling of each story within that universe.

Additionally, I have a few fictional short-story projects that I am working on. These are separate from the stories in the Seigyn universe, though – I believe understandably – I can’t help but occasionally explore similar themes.